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The network that I could  build during my studies as a gemologist and through my work as a jewelry manufacturer, allows me to propose an extensive choice of gemstones and diamonds.

  1. Export of colored gemstones, is run by the company Manja-Thai Co., Ltd based is Thailand.
    We are members of the Thai Gems and Jewelry Association.
    * Our company is using secured methods such as the service of delivery and payment after examination, also called C.O.D. from Malca-Amit or Brinks.

  2. Exclusive sales for exceptional diamonds are organized in Geneva or Zurich. The owner or consignee for these stones is a Swiss company based in Bern.
    Brokers and middle men, should contact me for the establishment of a contract (under French Law/Swiss Law).

    High value diamonds, are owned by/consigned to a Swiss Company that is working in partnership with knowledgeale people in the frame of long term agreements..
    We have exclusivity for a short time in the frame of contracts allowing us to control the good standing of the transactions.
    After a fews weeks the exclusivity ends, but we are are still able to conduct sales if the stones are available.

    Contracts for the retrocession of commissions (generally 1 or 2%) are built under the French law and arbitrated by the tribunal of Paris. My lawyer is established Place Vendome, Paris and is ready to assist myself and my customers during important transactions.

    All stones come with certificates from reliable laboratories.

    When you buy such valuable stones with us, you will have both gemologcal and juridical support. We are here to ensure you will buy the right stones from the right people, at the right price.

Yannick Mandaba


13th December 2011


Please enter the stone weight and the certificate number on the following page:

I do not guaranty that the stones will be available at the time a request is made.

All prices given to someone who is not the final buyer will be including all commission of eventual intermediaries from seller side, so please be straight if you are an intermediary so that we can squize on commissions and make sure that some margin can be spared for you.

Please start by identifying yourself clearly when asking any information and your position in the transaction if you are a buyer, if you represent a buyer or if you have potential customers for the stones.

Thank you

Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Blue-Even-Flowless-VG-VG-Fluo-None3.13 cts
Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Blue-Even-Flowless-VG-VG-Fluo-None3.13 cts

Natural-Fancy-Deep-Blue-Even-VS2-VG-G-Fluo-None-6.02 cts

Natural-Fancy-Deep-Blue-Even-VS2-VG-G-Fluo-None-6.02 cts

Natural-Fancy-intense-Orangy-Pink-Even-VS2-VG-G-Fluo-None-4.06 cts Natural-Fancy-intense-Orangy-Pink-Even-VS2-VG-G-Fluo-None-4.06 cts

Natural-Fancy-intense-Orangy-Pink-Even-VS2-VG-G-Fluo-None-4.06 cts


Natural-Fancy-Intense-Purple-Even-SI1-VG-G-Fluo-None-3.02 cts

Natural-Fancy-Intense-Purple-Even-SI1-VG-G-Fluo-None-3.02 cts
Largest Fancy-Intense-Purple-graded-GIA

Natural-Fancy-Purplish-Red-Even-SI1-Ex-G-Fluo-Medium-Blue-1.88 cts

Natural-Fancy-Red-Even-SI1-VG-G-Fluo-Faint-1.57 cts Natural-Fancy-Red-Even-SI1-VG-G-Fluo-Faint-1.57 cts

Natural-Fancy-Red-Even-SI1-VG-G-Fluo-Faint-1.57 cts

Natural-Fancy-Red-Even-VS2-VG-VG- Fluo-Medium-Blue-1.01 ct

Natural-Fancy-Red-Even-VS2-VG-VG- Fluo-Medium-Blue-1.01 ct


Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Green-Cushion-3ct-GIA-Coming-02.jpg Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Green-Cushion-3ct-GIA-Coming-02.jpg

Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Green-Cushion-3 cts

Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Yellow-Even-VS2-VG-VG-Fluo-None 25.9 Cts

Natural-Fancy-Vivid-Yellow-Even-VS2-VG-VG-Fluo-None 25.9 Cts

Pear-Shape-D-IF-Ex-VG-Fluo-NONE-Type IIa-17.8 cts

Pear-Shape-D-IF-Ex-VG-Fluo-NONE-Type IIa-17.8 cts

Pear Shape-VS1-Ex-Ex-None 230.17 cts

The price is not 55M USD, it is 41M as starting offer for this stone

For specific request do not hesitate to contact me.




Personnal Notes:
Since internet is a very anonymous place filled with content that is difficult to verify I find it natural to talk about my family background.
I like to put a face, a name, and some kind of roots behind theses pages.

I was born from a French mother and an African father. I was born in France and raised in Africa.

My mother is a fine pediatrician rewarded by the "French Medal of Merite" for taking care of French citizens babies in Central African Republic, as well as her support to the local population.

My father, the professor Jean-Luc Mandaba did a lot for democracy, health and sport in Central African Republic (Amnesty International Award).
Professor in Pediatric Surgery and sport lover, he finally gave his life to make this former French colony a real nation and a real democracy, but was poorly rewarded. He helped the president Ange-Felix Patasse to access his position at the head of the country, using the support of France and his numerous contacts in political circles (that he kept from his studies in the Medical University of Paris and his active political background in France as a student in the socialist party).
He was even the first Prime Minister of this fragile Presidency coming right after 14 years of military dictatorship. After loosing his illusions about his friend the president and especially the president's abusive family, he decided to run for the next presidential elections as an independent candidate. Unfortunately that day never came.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Luc_Mandaba
Resume (french): Professor Jean-Luc Mandaba Achievements

I owe my interest in this field to him and to his advise, when I was not really happy studying computer ingeneering, to consider coming back to natural Sciences. Diamonds that are beautiful in Central African Republic.
Today I can propose unique pieces, extremely rare through a network of professionals that I could meet during my studies and through my work as a Jewelry Manufacturer.
But the most interesting part is hat I get to see beautiful Diamonds to meet high class people who always have stories to tell about gemstones and business in general. Dealing with that kind of gemstones is always an opportunity to learn from experienced people.



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